Research confirms that wellbeing elements such as career, financial, social, physical, and community are highly interrelated as a complex system. Simply put, everything affects everything. This blog is about exploring the activities of individuals – their decisions, thoughts, actions, and interactions in their daily personal lives and their daily work lives and how these relate to overall wellbeing.

The blog is open to 3 types of contributors. One is as an author. Authors write the main blog postings. Authors participate by invitation. If you would like an invitation please indicate so in a message in the contact section. The main blog section will contain postings that are somewhat philosophical, conceptual and almost academic in nature even though being very practical. Blogs will usually be about 500 words in length.

Another type is a contributor is a Contributor. Contributors write short related personal stories. These stories should be about 250 words in length. These will be reviewed before posting just in case someone decides to get silly. When looking at the web site these stories are in the column on the right hand side.

The last type of contributor is one who comments to any blog posting.

This blog was initiated by Dr. Jerry Wagner who is one of the Gallup Organizations Senior Scientists. Everyone is aware of Gallup’s extensive research and publishing in the field of wellbeing. This includes their recent book on Wellbeing – the Five Elements. Dr. Wagner has also recently started the Institute for Wellbeing Management at Bellevue University. During the early stages of this blog it is advised that authors and those who wish to become an author first read the book as a foundation so that the theme stays somewhat consistent.